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ULTRAFLO 12V/24V Refuelling Pump Kits

ULTRAFLO 12V/24V Refuelling Pump Kits

12V / 24V Refuelling pump kits:

  • Portable diesel transfer unit
  • Self priming electric vane pump run by a 12V or 24V electric motor.
  • Cast iron body
  • Fixed brush motor with permanent magnet stator
  • Suction capacity up to 2 meters
  • Terminal board with switches and fuses to protect against overload
  • 2M cables with clips for battery connection
  • 4M fuel pipe (diameter 3/4")
  • Aluminum manual or automatic shut-off nozzle & bottom suction filter


  • Flow Rate: up to 50L/Min
  • 12V or 24V DC operation
  • 30 min duty cycle


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