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PIUSI Pitstop Refuelling Kits

PIUSI Pitstop Refuelling Kits

Who said that a pitstop operation can only be done on the track? Each refuelling operation as well as vehicle’s assistance can be considered as a pitstop. Even more so, in working situations. The PIUSI Pitstop Refuelling Kit is a complete dispenser that can be installed on service trucks, pick up trucks, service trailers and refuelling vehicles.

This RefuellingKit is an all in one solution composed of - an automatic hose reel, 2 DC Pumps, a flexible hose, a water captor filter and an ON/OFF switch.

  • Available in 12V or 24V diesel pump
  • 10M x 3/4" hose reel
  • Automatic diesel nozzle
  • Diesel filter
  • Fully fitted and ready to mount

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