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UTECUBES Single Skin Diesel Tanks

UTECUBES Single Skin Diesel Tanks

A-FLO have specially engineered a range of single skin diesel tanks, for sale at our online store. Whilst creating maximum efficiency for refuelling, our tanks reduce the risk of environmental contamination through the effective storage of the tank. With our state of the art UTECUBES, the risk of fuel leakage is greatly reduced, and allow for a greater amount of fuel to be stored. A-FLO has worked tirelessly to develop this innovative piece of equipment, perfect for a range of industrial applications.

Available for purchase at our many Australian re-seller partners, you will find the A-FLO UTECUBE to be an integral part of refuelling your vehicle on the job.

Specifications of Single skin diesel tanks

A-FLO UTECUBES: a class above the rest! Replace your Poly Tank with the most structurally sound UTECUBE the market has to offer.

  • Compact design
  • Lockable & large pump bay housing which can be used for storage of tools, filters, grease guns etc
  • Baffled with splash proof breather
  • Fitted standard with 35L/Min 12V Refuelling Pump, 4M Hose & Auto Nozzle
  • Upgrade option available: 80L/Min 12V Pump Kit, Flow Meter
  • Available in Single Skin or Self Bunded Cubes in 200L, 400L & 600L
  • Stackable for transporting
  • Complies with all environmental regulations
  • Increases fuel storage capacity
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces travelling time to the pump
  • Reduces your fuel theft risk
  • Guaranteed: 5 Year Warranty

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If you have any further questions about the A-FLO UTECUBE, including size specifications, or if you have any questions about our other products, including our high grade portable fuel tanks, feel free to get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team of staff at A-FLO.

Give us a call on 1300 235 623 and we will be happy to assist you with your queries.


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