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T.R.A.P Breathers for Diesel

T.R.A.P Breathers for Diesel

Water is one of the easiest contaminants that can enter a tank and reduce the efficiency and performance of the fuel that is being stored in that tank. This can cause an adverse decrease in your whole production cycle.

A-FLO Equipment's ULTRAFLO TRAP Breathers are the best in industry trap breathers and have been a go-to product for many industries to ensure their fuel remains free of moisture and dust. Our TRAP Breathers minimize the risk of dust and moisture entering into the storage tanks through the vents while allowing high flow rates of fluid into and out of the tank. These TRAP Breathers have a max flow rate of 500Lpm.

T.R.A.P Breather Features & Cycle Info -

  • Max. Flow Rate: 500Lpm
  • Intake Cycle (inhalation): The circuit "breathes in" air containing moisture vapour then The T.R.A.P breather strips moisture from incoming air allowing only dry air to enter the circuit.
  • Outflow Cycle (exhalation): During the "exhalation" cycle the T.R.A.P breather allows unrestricted airflow outward. The outflow of dry air picks up the moisture collected by the breather during intake and "blows it back", fully regenerating the breather's water holding capacity.

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