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SmartFill Fuel Management System

SmartFill Fuel Management System

The SmartFill GEN 2 is the world's most advanced fuel management system.

  • Data is recorded instantly online with no need for special software (and it’s FREE to access)
  • Inside, the components are easy to install if required
  • Click-in and click-out design requires no special technical skills
  • Controls up to 4 fuel/oil dispensers, all delivering simultaneously
  • Records fuel use for up to 2000 vehicles
  • Records the past 5000 fuel issues in memory
  • Uses secure vehicle keys and driver PIN or keys to control access to fuel
  • Restricts fuel usage by volume per vehicle/driver and/or time
  • All data is stored securely in the unit and can be automatically uploaded to a secure website after each transaction
  • Multiple communication options available for uploading data to the website: Wi-Fi, 3G & Ethernet
  • Large easy to read & color LCD display
  • Can be configured and is continuously monitored remotely via the website
  • Modular design allows for rapid installation & repair
  • The system can be used as a “preset” delivery system. This is ideal for lube trucks or workshop lube dispensing systems
  • Suits just about any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter
  • Housed in a tough, weatherproof enclosure. High quality lock and stainless steel door hinges for use in all weather conditions outdoors. Enclosure rating is IP66.
  • Proven reliability around the world in extreme hot, cold,  dusty, windy & salty environments
  • Extensive professional network of support
  • Optional interface to other systems’ tank gauging

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