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FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters

FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters

A-FLO supplies FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters. These mechanical meters are USA made and provide precise measurements every time. These meters are extremely durable and can work in the harshest of environments. We provide 2 models, the 800 and the 900 series. Both series can measure fluids up to a temperature of 63º Celsius and pressures up to 340 KPA.

FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters Features -

  • Our FILL-RITE Meters provide precision and durability in a cost-effective and proven design
  • Both the 800 & 900 Series measure fluids up to 63°C and pressures up to 340KPA
  • Large easy to read numbers
  • Quick reset knob
  • Flexible installation flow port positions - vertically & horizontally
  • Made in USA

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