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ULTRAFLO Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Filtration Kit

ULTRAFLO Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Filtration Kit

Upgrade your diesel storage tank filtration and help keep your equipment up and running today!

Contaminated diesel can cause equipment downtime and costly repairs. One of the most common sources for contaminant is the diesel storage tank.

The ULTRAFLO Bulk Fuel Tank Kit incorporates modern filtration and moisture removal technologies to help deliver cleaner fuel to your equipment. Unlike desiccant and silica gel breathers, it will start working as soon as it’s installed and remove moisture down to 15% relative humidity and airborne contaminates down to 3 micron.

  • The kit sets you up to protect your assets by ensuring every drop is filtered and your tank is protected from any moisture or condensation.
  • Simple to maintain and service
  • Ideal for static above ground, overhead or mobile tanks
  • Removes 99.5% of contamination 10 Micron or larger
  • Water absorption capacity - 1 filter holds up to two cans of water
  • Flow Rate: up to 225L/Min
  • Kits include: Filter Element, Filter Head BSP (m) Fittings, Gauge & T.R.A.P Breather.

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