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Bottom Fill Kits

Bottom Fill Kits

Make your tank safe and compliant for drivers, operators & owners today!

OH&S safety requirements are becoming more heavily enforced in today's lubrication & refueling industry so get your overhead tank up to standard by fitting our Bottom Fill Kit. This allows operators to check the level of the tank and fill without risking an accident from occurring when getting up a ladder to check or fill their tank.

  • Suitable for most overhead tanks and can be customisable to suit your exact needs
  • Designed and configured for easy installation to horizontal or tripod tanks where fill points are within 200mm from tank edge and the overall maximum height is 3200mm (3.2M)
  • Standard Kits are fitted with a Sight Tube, All Fittings, Valves, Camlocks & Gal Pipe Fill Point with stand alone Vent

If you already have a bottom fill kit then great, maybe you need a filtration kit to ensure you are fueling with only the cleanest fuel. If you would like to view how much you are dispensing, we have flow meters available off the shelf along with farm tank hose and manual nozzles. Call today to seek assistance from our team.

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