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LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Oil Lubricators

LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Oil Lubricators

Avoid constant disposal expenses with our LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Oil Lubricators!

The Lubeshot-O100 & O-220 are oilers which can be used and refilled with all types and grades of oil. They preserve the same characteristics, advantages, applications, duration and provisions of the Lubeshot-SR100 & SR-220 Series. Designed & installed everywhere a point to be lubricated is present.

  • No battery or gas required
  • Refillable via standard fitting
  • No disposal expenses
  • 4 feed rate settings
  • Automatic
  • High strength transparent construction
  • Applications: bearing, bushings, electric motors, compressors, mills, ovens & fans

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