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LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Grease Lubricators

LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Grease Lubricators

Avoid constant disposal expenses with our LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Grease Lubricators!

This unit has an option for setting the grease dispense on high, medium or low which means you can use this for any grease viscosity & operating condition without changing the spring. The added adjustment allows you to control the intensity of the grease output. Designed & installed everywhere a point to be lubricated is present.

  • No battery or gas required
  • Refillable via standard grease nipples
  • No disposal expenses
  • 4 feed rate settings
  • Automatic
  • High strength transparent construction
  • Applications: bearing, bushings, pumps, valves, cranes, elevators & turbines


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