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BLUEQUIP Slimline Self Bunded AdBlue ® Tanks

BLUEQUIP Slimline Self Bunded AdBlue ® Tanks

  • Variable options of pump mounting – inside, front or sides
  • Due to it’s compact design, it's the perfect answer to sitting a tank in a restricted or a tight space
  • A wide variety of standard equipment enable to operate the tank under severe weather conditions
  • Thermal insulation & cooling fans keep AdBlue® at it’s optimum temperature
  • Bunded construction makes the tank extremely secure with a leak detection system, level gauge and overfill protection to prevent leakages
  • High resistance against mechanical impact due to strong polyethylene bunded construction
  • Raised roof ensures easy maintenance
  • Protection against unauthorized access & changing weather conditions, ensures the tank is in a lockable housing which protects the AdBlue® delivery nozzle
  • Tank is easily transportable by a forklift truck or crane (empty only)
  • The filing line with dry disconnect fitting make easier & spill free whilst filling
  • Guarantee: 5 Year Warranty on tank, 1 Year Warranty on pumps & accessories

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