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BLUEQUIP BlueMaster Self Bunded AdBlue® Tanks

BLUEQUIP BlueMaster Self Bunded AdBlue® Tanks

  • Thermal insulation keeping the AdBlue® within an appropriate temperature range
  • Double jacket tank construction, leakage detection system, fill indicator and overfill protection to prevent any leakages or spills
  • Closed dispenser housing protects against unauthorized access, mechanical damage and extreme weather conditions
  • Attractive shape & colour
  • Made from high quality polyethylene, the tanks are also resistant to UV radiation, frost & heat and will maintain their integrity over many years
  • Easily transportable by a forklift truck
  • Filling line with dry disconnect is located at working level making it significantly easier to use the tank
  • A-FLO to provide service to our units Australia Wide
  • Fleet Tank C/W 240V Transfer Pump, 6m Hose, Auto Nozzle, Auto Nozzle Holster, Digital Flow Meter, Overfill Protection, Digital Level Gauge, 2" Fill Point Dry Break Fitting & Leak Detection
  • All equipment & spare parts to be stocked in Melbourne
  • 3,500L, 5,000L or 10,000L capacity available
  • 3,500L AdBlue® tank dimensions: 2.14M (L) x 1.66M (W) x 2.51M (H)
  • 5,000L AdBlue® tank dimensions: 2.88M (L) x 2.384M (W) x 2.735M (H)
  • 10,000L AdBlue® tank dimensions: 3.0M (L) x 2.5M (W) x 2.96M (H)
  • Guarantee: 10 Year Warranty on tank, 1 Year Warranty on equipment

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