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50L, 120L & 240L Spill Kits for sale

You never know when a spill will happen, but when it does being prepared and having a spill kit on site will help avoid a major safety or even an environmental incident that could result in substantial EPA fines. Our spill kits are available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs such as bags, buckets, or wheeled bins. Ideal for all industries including workshops, loading docks, liquid transfer facilities, refuelling bays, and factories. Avoid workplace slips and environmental damage from hazardous spills with an AFLO spill kit on hand. Be prepared, call us today on 1300 235 623.

What are Spill Kits?
When a hazardous substance spills or leaks at your workplace, you’ll need a spill kit. A spill kit’s objective is to contain, control, and clean up a spill. A spill kit can clean up a variety of dangerous substances, including Petroleum, Chemicals, Other oils, etc.

What is in a Spill Kit?
Our spill kit range contains everything you need to rapidly control, contain and clean up the smallest to largest spills. Kits consist of absorbents, PPE, disposal bags and other items to help you quickly respond to a spill.

Each kit is designed for different spills such as oils, fuels, solvents, Adblue, acids and hazardous chemicals.

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