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Spill Containment Bunding

AFLO stocks an extensive range of Drum bunds, spill pallets, drum management centers, and spill containment pallets which are portable, safe, and convenient options for storing different-sized drums and liquid containers. All of our premium spill containment products have been designed for temporary or secondary storage in a bid to improve workplace safety, and housekeeping and to protect the environment. Bunded floor systems can be created by joining together low-profile drum bunds. This is ideal for areas such as decanting stations, below racking, or inside sea containers where spills are likely to occur.

At A-FLO, we carry a variety of models including single or double IBC capacity, with robust poly or heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction available. Commonly known as IBC (intermediate bulk container) bunds or bulky box bunds, IBC spill pallets are a safe and secure containment solution to bund 1000-litre bulk containers.

Our range of spill containment bunds includes a variety of sizes including smaller 20L-60L drums and bottles, 205L 44 Gallon Drums, or 1000L IBC, and can be ordered in tough and resistant poly or heavy-duty steel. Steel IBC bunds are especially useful when storing Class 3 Flammable liquids or combustible liquids. IBC bunds have been designed with a sump capacity designed to hold at least 110% of a 1000L pod, meeting the requirements of relevant Australian Standards. In fact, all our IBC spill bunds are manufactured locally in Australia to ensure strict quality control for Australian conditions and cost-effective pricing.

A-FLO can also visit your site and provide a no-cost audit of your Lubricant or Fuel storage along with an obligation-free quote. To remove all doubt about whether your site is compliant, call one of our friendly trusted advisors today at 1300 235 623 to arrange a site visit.

Explore our range of Spill Containment Bunding to find –
Drum Spill Pallets: Low Profile Spill Pallets , ULTRAFLO 205L Drum Spill Pallets & ULTRAFLO LL Series 205L Drum Spill Pallets
IBC Spill Containment Pallets: ULTRAFLO 1000L IBC Spill Containment Pallets & ULTRAFLO LL Series 1000L IBC Spill Containment Pallets
Poly Drum Racking Equipment: Poly Drum Racking System & Poly Racking Bund
Poly Drum Dollies & Caddies: Poly Drum Dolly & Spill Containment Caddy
Poly Trolley: Poly Trolley
Poly Drum Funnels, Covers & Frames: Poly Drum Funnel & PVC Cover & Frame

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