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Drum Handling Equipment & Accessories

Handling heavy drums without proper equipment can be a dangerous task. It’s crucial in many industries that drum handling is done with safety in mind at all times. A-FLO’s Drum Handling Equipment & Accessories have been designed with safety and reliability in mind. From Drum Taps to Trolleys & Grabs, we have all the equipment required to move your drums safely and without any hassle.

Explore our range of Drum Handling Equipment & Accessories to find –
Drum Taps: Alloy Drum Taps , Aluminium Drum Taps & Plastic Drum Taps
Hand & Drum Trolleys: Economy Hand Trolley , Heavy Duty Hand Trolley & Heavy Duty 205L Drum Trolley
Drum Grabs & Cradles: Premium Drum Grab & ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Drum Cradle
Drum Dollies: Heavy Duty Drum Dollies
Drum Wrench: Drum Wrench

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