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Oil Safe

For more than a decade, Oil Safe ® Oil Storage Containers have been the oil transfer management system preferred by leading companies around the world. People often go to great lengths to preserve the quality of their oil only to contaminate it by using filthy containers, pouring it through a dirty funnel or inadvertently mixing it with different oils.

The Oil Safe ® Oil Transfer System is a fully sealed unit that prevents contaminants from getting into the oil. The pour spouts available make dispensing quick and easy and with 10 different colors to help prevent cross-contamination. For further information on our comprehensive range of Oil Safe® products, call today!

Explore our range of Oil Safe Equipment to find –
Oil Safe 10L Standard Oil Pump
Oil Safe 5L Stumpy Spout
Oil Safe Mini Spout Lids
Oil Safe Oil Drums
Oil Safe Storage Lids
Oil Safe Stretch Spout Lids
Oil Safe Stumpy Spout Lids
Oil Safe Utility Lids
Oil Safe Pumps
Oil Safe Extension Hose

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