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Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration is one of the biggest things that is neglected when new oil equipment or workshops are installed. Due to no Oil filtration, industries end up spending 100s of millions of dollars on new parts and equipment in order to maintain their workshop efficiency. All of this can be avoided if an Oil Filtration system is installed.

Filtering of new oil and keeping used oil clean from contaminants can increase the life cycle of workshop equipment and help maintain maximum efficiency and productivity in workshops. Most of the machine failures in many industries occur due to contamination. Oil Filtration is a must and needs to be installed in order to save money and increase productivity.

Reach out to our friendly expert team to assist in selecting the correct Oil Filtration System for your application to ensure you get it right the first time. Our team can be contacted on 03 9281 6200 or email

Explore our range of Oil Filtration Equipment to find –
GRAY Oil Filter Crusher
Oil System Filtration & Breathers
T.R.A.P. Breathers
ULTRAFLO Bulk Oil Service System

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