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Oil Control Guns | Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Oil Guns

A-FLO Equipment provides a range of Oil Control Guns to fit your lubrication needs. Our range of Oil Control Guns consists of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic oil dispense guns. These Guns can also be customized using colour caps to differentiate between different fluids that they may dispense making it one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-handle oil dispense guns on the market! Our Oil Control Guns are designed and manufactured with different types of materials in order to make them compatible with different types of lubricants that they would dispense.

Reach out to our friendly expert team to assist in selecting the correct Oil Control Guns for your application to ensure you get it right the first time. Our team can be contacted on 03 9281 6200 or email

Explore our range of Oil Control Guns to find –
K500 Preset Metered Oil Gun
Mechanical Metered Oil Gun
RAASM Electronic Metered Oil Gun
RAASM High Flow Manual Oil Gun
RAASM High Volume Control Guns
RAASM High Volume Metered Oil Guns
RAASM Manual Dispense Oil Gun
ULTRAFLO Digital Metered Coolant Gun
ULTRAFLO Electronic Metered Oil Gun
ULTRAFLO Pre-set Electronic Metered Oil Guns

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