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Grease Gun Accessories & Attachments

Grease Gun Accessories are additional attachments and modifications that improve the performance of your grease equipment or replace worn-out parts. A-FLO Equipment’s range of Grease Gun Accessories and spares includes – Gun Couplers, Hose Extensions, Injector Needle, Thread Tester, Grease Nipples, Grease Gun couplers, and many more.

Our Grease Gun Accessory range can help you increase the overall lifespan of your Grease Gun as well as increase the overall efficiency and flexibility of your Grease Gun Applications.

Explore our range of Grease Gun Accessories to find –
Grease Gun Extensions: Speedy Grease Gun Extensions , Flexible Grease Gun Extensions & ULTRAFLO Rigid Extension
Needles: Grease Gun Injector Needle & Needle Nose Dispenser
Couplers: RAASM Gun Coupler , 4 Jaw Grease Coupler , Quick Release Lock-On Grease Coupler , ULTRAFLO Right Angle Coupler & ULTRAFLO Swivel Coupler
Grease Nipples: ULTRAFLO Grease Nipples & ULTRAFLO Grease Nipple Assortment Kits
ULTRAFLO Grease Fitting Thread Tester
ULTRAFLO Grease Wall Bracket

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