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Auto Lubrication Systems and Auto Greasers

A-FLO supplies Australian businesses with an extensive range of Auto Lubrication Systems & Auto Greasers, including remote grease line kits, imperative for the successful flow between lubrication and junction blocks. Our complete line of automatic lubrication systems caters to all applications from your smallest jobs to your largest machines. Our Pumps are at the heart of any centralized lubrication system for Agricultural, construction, mining vehicles, or fixed plant. We provide solutions to significantly cut maintenance and repair costs and maximize equipment hours by supplying grease in small amounts at frequent intervals, ensuring proper lubrication when your bearings need it most while they’re in use. Simply browse the range and feel free to get in contact with the friendly and knowledgeable team at A-FLO if you have any questions regarding the right piece of equipment for your application.

Quality Guarantee

Just like A-FLO’s other range of lubrication equipment, our auto lubrication systems & auto greasers are of extremely high quality and are manufactured to last the test of time. We are dedicated to designing the highest quality products available on the Australian market, and we’re sure that when you select a product from A-FLO, you will notice the difference.

Contact us for more information

If you have any further enquiries about A-FLO’s extensive range of auto lubrication systems & greasers, feel free to get in touch with our experienced and dedicated team of staff. We place an emphasis on providing our valued customers with an incredibly high standard of customer service and are always happy to discuss our products in order to help them choose the right one for their application. To speak with one of our team, simply give us a call on 1300 235 623 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page. We will get back to you with all the information you require. If you would like to receive a detailed quote, simply fill in the form on the page of the product you are interested in.

Explore our range of Auto Lubrication Systems to find –
High Pressure Grease Hose: 11.3mm Grease Hose & 8.6mm Grease Hose
Fittings: 90 Degree Compression Fitting , Auto Lube JIC Fittings , Auto Lube JIC Nipple Fitting , Compression Nut Fitting , Compression Olive Fitting , Straight Compression Fitting & Banjo Fitting
Adapters: Adapter 45 Degree , Adapter 90 Degree & Adapter Straight
Screw Sleeves: Auto Lube JIC Fittings Screw Sleeve
Bulk Head: Bulk Head Straight & Bulkhead 90 Degree
Hose Studs: Hose Stud 90 Degree , Hose Stud with Screw Sleeve & Hose Stud Connector Straight
Lubricators: LUBESHOT Disposable Automatic Grease Lubricators , LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Grease Lubricators & LUBESHOT Refillable Automatic Oil Lubricators
Connectors: Push In Connector , Push In Elbow Connector , Push In Straight Connector & Push In Swivel Connector
Grease Anchor Blocks: Remote Grease Anchor Blocks & Remote Grease Anchor Blocks with Grease Nipples
Swivels: Reusable Hose End Swivel & Swivel Union

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