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Reliable Lubrication Solutions: Air-Powered Grease Pump

When transferring lubricating grease to machinery, a functional air-operated grease pump is needed. Commonly used in several industries such as automotive, manufacturing and construction, they function with the use of compressed air.

You can rely on A-FLO for efficient and reliable lubrication solutions for industrial applications. We have you covered with our range of air-powered grease pumps. These pumps are designed to be durable and handle the tough demands of various industries, tried and tested to ensure smooth and consistent lubrication processes.
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Why Does a Quality Air Grease Pump Matter?

With the increase in demand for efficient lubrication systems as the mechanisation and automation industry grows, there’s a need for an excellent air grease pump. The air-powered grease pump is an ideal solution for a smooth lubrication system. At A-FLO, we are committed to providing durable and dependable equipment for your industrial needs, from industrial hose reels to fuel nozzles. Our air-operated grease pumps are no exception.

The Right Air Grease Pump to Enhance Your Lubrication System

Selecting the right air grease pump and accessories for your application is critical. Our air-operated grease pump, including high-pressure and high-volume options, caters to various industrial needs:

  • Variety & Value: Our Raasm, Graco, Orion, and Ultraflo Air Operated Grease pump kits are designed for the toughest Australian applications and these repeatedly outperform and outlast the competition. 
  • Functional Accessories: Cold weather is no longer an issue. We offer heater jackets and covers for your pumps suited to 20kg, 60kg, and 180kg drums, 1000L IBC, and Bulk Grease bins.

System Solutions: What Comes After an Air Grease Pump?

Optimising your lubrication system goes beyond an air-powered grease pump. Create a thoughtful system with our range of complementary products and accessories designed to work seamlessly with your chosen pump:

  • Industrial Hose Reels: Engineered to be durable and easy to use. They provide a safe and efficient way to manage hoses, reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.
  • Oil Transfer Pumps: Transfer oil efficiently no matter the viscosity with our oil transfer pumps. Made to handle the demands of different oil types, ensuring smooth and reliable transfer processes. 
  • Fuel Nozzles: Built to deliver accurate fuel dispensing. Easy to handle, reliable and reduces the risk of spills.
  • Workshop Benches: A well-organised workspace is essential for efficiency. Have a sturdy workshop bench to keep organised and have your setup in its best shape.

Our Selection of Air-Powered Grease Pumps

We offer a wide range of air grease pumps, kits, and accessories to cater to your specific needs. Explore our range of Air Operated Grease Pumps, Kits & Accessories to find:

Need Help Choosing an Air Grease Pump?

Let us help you choose the best air-powered grease pump for your system. With up to 10 years of warranty, spare parts readily available, and expert advice a visit or a call away, we have you covered. Our team is here and ready to help.
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