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Hand Operated Diesel Pumps | Manual Fuel Transfer Pumps 

A-FLO provides the best Hand Operated Diesel Pumps in Australia. Our Diesel Pumps can be used for high flow, heavy duty as well as standard duty allowing fast and efficient transfer of fuel and other lubricants.

Our Hand Operated Fuel Pumps cater to all types of industries such as agriculture, mining, industrial, construction, etc.

Explore our range of Hand Operated Diesel Pumps to find:
High Flow Rotary Drum Pumps
ULTRAFLO Standard Rotary Drum Pump
ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Pump

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– When to use Hand Operated Diesel Pumps?

A hand-operated/ manual diesel pump may be a viable solution if you just need a diesel pump on occasion to transfer a little amount of fuel. Hand Operated Diesel Pumps are ideal when continuous pumping operations are not required.

– What fluids can a Hand Operated Diesel Pump transfer?

Hand Operated Diesel Pumps can be used to transfer a variety of fluids such as diesel, petrol, kerosene & oils such as gear oils. However please check specifications of the product before making a decision.

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