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Diesel Hose Reels

AFLO has an abundance of options in our range of Diesel Fuel Hose Reels, dependent on the size of the hose and length, we stock a variety of reputable brands including RAASM, Graco, ORION, Coxreels, and numerous others.

Our Spring operated options and retractable Diesel Fuel Hose Reel options would certainly be the most common for service vehicles, diesel fuel trailers, diesel tanks, and other mobile equipment however we also stock manual rewind, air operated, and hydraulic reels in each of our warehouses nationally.

Explore our range of Diesel Hose Reels to find –
ORION Diesel Hose Reels: ORION ORB Series Diesel Reel & ORION ORL Series Diesel Reel
RAASM Hydraulic Diesel Reels: RAASM 617 Series Hydraulic Reel & RAASM 637 Series Hydraulic Reel
RAASM Air Driven Hose Reels: RAASM 617 Series Air Driven Diesel Reels , RAASM 618 Series Air Driven Diesel Reels , RAASM 638 Series Air Driven Diesel Reels & RAASM 700 Series Air Driven Diesel Reel
ULTRAFLO Diesel Hose Reels: ULTRAFLO 700 Series Diesel Reels & ULTRAFLO 750 Series Diesel Reels

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