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Oil Monitoring System

Oil Monitoring System

Fluid Management Systems

Fluid Management in today’s workshops poses several challenges, as the size of the facilities increase, correct dispensing and controlling fluid challenges older systems and equipment.

In addition to the increased cost of todays lubricants and the popularity of synthetic lubricants place a higher demand for the proper accounting of lubricants usage. ALFO is proud to lead the industry with our proven offering of our Orion inventory and fluids dispense management products.

From the simplest entry level console to sophisticated computerised management system, we can supply the equipment required for the professional management of both new and used fluids.

The Orilink monitoring system with the software at the heart of our state-of-the-art fluid and inventory management system has been installed in several thousand facilities around the world. Orion has created a system designer to improve profitability through controlled fluid distribution and work-order accountability.

The systems ease of integration allows you to design any size of installation using a minimum number of components, adaptable from outlets. This modularity also allows the integration of complementary functions, such as remote displays, stock level detectors, volumetric measuring probes, control access points and the automatic scheduling of any ‘on/off ‘ function and guarantees the possible evolution should new needs arise.

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